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It is important that we don't touch up your brows too early or too often!

Assuming that most clients plan to maintain their cosmetic brow tattoos long term, we want to make sure we are taking the steps to keep the color & shape fresh, delicate, and looking as intended from that first new client appointment. 


The integrity of your skin is #1 priority.

When we  tattoo the same part of the skin too often, we run the risk of creating build up of scar tissue. A tattoo creates trauma on the skin, and requires healing time. The less we tattoo (or traumatize) the skin in the same spot, the better it is for the health and integrity of your skin over time. Basically, the less we tattoo the skin on your eyebrows, the better! 


Waiting for the right time to refresh your brow tattoo allows us to keep the color fresh. 

When you continue to tattoo ink over ink that is already saturated or dense, we are no longer able to truly control the tone of the tattoo pigments, and it will likely end up morphing into an unflattering or  dark gray color. This is something to avoid and does not yield favorable results. 


Be patient! Let those brows fade!

It is a common misconception to never have to use the brow pencil again, (but let’s admit how much insanely easier it is to do our brow makeup!) So, don’t be afraid to use some brow makeup when needed if your preferences allow. If you’re unsure send me a clear picture and I’ll let you know! If you come to your appointment, and you do not currently need a brow touch up, you will lose your appointment deposit. We are happy to help you verify! 

If you have read the information above & you currently qualify for a color boost you may your color boost online with your previous artist.