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a course for beginner artists

100 HOURS / 7 DAYS

There are no scheduled 7 day courses at this time.


If you would be interested in a

1-on-1 beginner apprenticeship with the owner, please fill out the form linked below!


$500 non refundable deposit due at time of enrollment.
Can be used towards future training class.

100 hour certification:

In order to provide our trainees with confidence, skill, and mentorship, we offer a comprehensive course with 100 hours of solid, extensive training with the owner of BE, Stephanie Wanstrath. All trainees practice their new skill on five live models each, with your trainers direct guidance.

the class:

Training is 7 days of hands on learning & practice exercises. Each student will complete 5 microblading procedures. Each day starts at 9am and ends at 5. Lunch & snacks are provided. One year of virtual support and coaching provided post certification.


homework & supplies:

A pre course textbook & workbook are provided to be completed prior to the start of class. All students will receive a Microblading kit with supplies for up to 20 procedures, complete with a comprehensive supply list. 

intense SPCP* approved training - 
4 student max:

Curriculum includes: Permanent Makeup General Education / Safety & Set Up / OSHA & CDC standards / Client Preparation / Anesthetics / Color Theory / Skin Tone & Skin Anatomy / Microblading Tools & Technique / Brow Mapping / Measuring / Shaping / Hair Stroke Patterns / Practice Skin / Artist Portfolio & Photography / Hands On Live Model Work with Trainer Supervision with five models per student 


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