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What is it? 

Saline Pigment Lightening is a natural option for those with old permanent makeup that do not wish to pursue laser tattoo removal. Results vary from person to person. Several sessions are typically required & no specific results can be guaranteed. This option is great for those that would like to lighten the undesired tattoo pigment enough in the skin to do a color correction and rework the old permanent cosmetic tattoo into a more flattering & modern shape and color

Salt/Saline Removal works on the theory of Osmosis. 

Introducing a high concentration of salt water to the dermis where the pigment is, creates the process of Osmosis.

Water in the cells beneath the pigment contain lower amounts of salt and water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of sale (equalization)

Equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis by Osmotic pressure. This is a natural process to become equal to the higher concentration of salt and water.

The pigment becomes trapped in the scab and when the scab falls off some of the pigment goes with it. Some of the released pigment particles may also be carried into the lymph and carried out of the body

As with every other form of removal there are risks of scarring and hypo or hyper pigmentation. (more common in darker skin tones) 

How many sessions needed depends on many different variables:

- Type of pigment being removed. The type of ink was used in the brow tattoo can depend on how successful or how timely the removal will be.

- How many layers deep it is in the skin.

- How saturated the pigment is.

- The clients own skin and healing process.

- The clients aftercare regimen and how well it is followed.

- How much pigment needs to be removed. 

- Thinner skin will remove faster.

- Oily skin may take more sessions of removal than dry skin.


  • The skin is numbed with a topical lidocaine.  

  • The Li-FT solution is implanted into the skin using cosmetic tattoo techniques and tools. 

  • Li-FT solution soaks for 10 minutes on the area of removal to allow the process of osmosis to occur.  

  • The solution is then gently removed and the skin is cleaned with a Tea Tree toner. 


A Removal session is approximately 1-1.5 hours. It typically takes several sessions to yield desired results & patience is a mandatory to commit to the removal/correction process. 8 weeks minimum is required between each session to allow the skin adequate time to heal. 


  • $300 /session

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